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Business Law Podcast

Recent Developments in Tort Law

Anne Steadman

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Annual Review - Key Business Law Developments in Bite-Size Pieces: Episode 5

In this episode of “Annual Review: Key business law developments in bite-size pieces”, we talk with Business Torts Chapter Editors, Steven Barber and Anna Stressenger about recent developments in business torts and highlights from the business torts chapter. Steven Barber is a Partner at Steptoe & Johnson LLP where he focuses on commercial, mass tort, and intellectual property litigation. Steven also has extensive experience in class action litigation, FCPA matters, breach-of-contract suits, and fraudulent conveyance cases. Anna Stressenger is an Associate and Steptoe & Johnson LLP where her practice focuses on commercial litigation matters including drafting motions, developing trial strategies, extensive research, and discovery. Prior to becoming an Associate at Steptoe & Johnson LLP, Anna was the Senior Appellate Judicial Clerk to Chief Justice Rhys S. Hodge of the Supreme Court of the United States Virgin Islands.