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Daniel Rice Questions Whether Smart Contracts Are Smart (or Are Even Contracts)

Amy Wan

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The Law & Blockchain: Episode 2

Smart contracts are a buzzword in the legal industry today, but are they really smart? And are they even contracts? Daniel Rice discusses how they work, what people are doing with them today, and dispute resolution of smart contracts.

Daniel Rice is the Co-founder and CTO of Bling Financial, a mobile gaming network that rewards users with Bitcoin. He is a computer scientist with a background intersecting financial and entertainment apps. Prior to Sagewise, Daniel was CTO of Totum Risk which builds portfolio risk analysis software. He has launched apps with over 5 million downloads. Daniel has served on the California Bar Task Force for Access to Legal Services Through Innovation.

In 2014 Daniel founded Bitcoin Developers Los Angeles to focus on building a developer community around blockchain technology. He has consulted for Fortune 500 companies around blockchain and filed many patents on the topic as well. 

Daniel is the founder of the Orange County CTO Forum. He holds a BS degree in Computer Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Twitter: @thedrbits