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Business Law Podcast

Improving Colonoscopy with AI

Ama Adams, Marc Donner, Charles C Palmer, Roland Leslie Trope, and Julia Mayerle

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Colorectal cancer is one of the leading causes of death in adults worldwide.  The most important diagnostic and therapeutic technique for colorectal cancer is the colonoscopy.  Gastrointestinal doctors are working with computer scientists to develop AI-based technologies to help enhance outcomes.

We are fortunate to have Professor Doctor Julia Mayerle of the University of Munich as our guest.  Dr Mayerle, Chair of the Department of Medicine at LMU, a recognized center of excellence for research in oncology, is an expert in gastroenterology and hepatology with a distinguished career at premier medical institutions in Europe spanning decades.  Both a researcher and a clinician, Dr Mayerle has published extensively in a wide range of research areas in internal medicine.