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Business Law Podcast

Fender Bolling, Serial Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Filer

Elizabeth Gunn, Steven Fender, and Michael Bolling

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A serial chapter 13 filer routinely used his estranged son’s Social Security number, and multiple variations, to avoid detection for more than a decade.  That ended when the last filing was done to frustrate an eviction by a world famous rapper who would not let the fraud slip.  But no one could actually find the filer to enforce various orders and findings of civil contempt which stalled the case.  When the IRS filed a proof of claim, an address on the tax return led to a disgruntled relative who had all the necessary information.  The podcast explores how serial filers are handled and identified in chapter 13 proceedings, civil contempt remedies and due process requirements, and criminal remedies available in bankruptcy. 

In this episode Host Judge Elizabeth Gunn speaks with Stephen Fender and Michael Bolling, Fender, Bolling, and Paiva P.A., to discuss bad debtor and Mr. Zamora’s “the magical social security scheme.” 

Steven Fender focuses his practice on bankruptcy and commercial litigation. Steven has an active practice in federal and state court. Mr. Fender routinely handles chapter 7 trustee adversary proceedings and contested matters. Mr. Fender has more than 20 years of experience litigating and trying cases in all business disputes. 

Michael Bolling focuses his practice on bankruptcy and commercial litigation. Prior to starting the firm, Mr. Bolling was the judicial law clerk to the Honorable John K. Olson, United Bankruptcy Judge in the Southern District of Florida. Mr. Bolling has previously worked for the Florida Office of the Attorney General and the Miami Heat.