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Business Law Podcast

Exploring the Evolving Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Practice of Law with Chris Hoofnagle

Chris J Hoofnagle and Jordan L Fischer

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In Episode 3, host Jordan L. Fischer, Esq. interviews Chris Hoofnagle, Professor of Law at University of California, Berkeley. Chris and Jordan explore the evolving impact of emerging technologies on the practice of law. Chris provides key insight into legal informatics, and his predictions regarding ChatGPT and its impact on the law. Diving into the pros and cons of new technologies for lawyers, Chris discusses the way that lawyers should think about technology, and how it can complement their practice. 

For more information on Prof. Hoofnagle, visit To contact our host, Jordan L. Fischer, Esq., regarding this podcast or to inquire into becoming a guest, please contact Ms. Fischer at [email protected]