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Business Law Podcast

Evolution of CSR

Alan S Gutterman

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Corporate Lawyers Changing the World: Episode 1

In this episode of “Corporate Lawyers Changing the World: An Insider's Look at Corporate Social Responsibility” we talk with Travis Miller about the evolution of CSR and the ongoing challenges of managing social responsibility in supply chains.

Travis is one of the co-editors and authors of The Lawyer’s Corporate Social Responsibility Deskbook and is an international trade and compliance attorney who specializes in ITAR/EAR/sanctions, global anti-corruption and anti-slavery, codes of conduct, environmental health and safety, product stewardship and corporate social responsibility. Travis is General Counsel at Assent Compliance Inc. and manages Assent’s worldwide legal activities, advises the board of directors on legal matters, and oversees corporate compliance, governance initiatives and other commercial transactions. Before coming to Assent, he served in various high-level counsel positions with companies such as Microchip Technology, Foresite Group and St. Jude Medical (Abbott).