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Business Law Podcast

The Federal Trade Commission and its Role in Enforcing Data Security and Privacy

Jordan L Fischer

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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy – The New Frontier: Season 2, Episode 6

In Episode 6, host Jordan L. Fischer, Esq. interviews Neil Richards and Woody Hartzog. Neil Richards holds the Koch Distinguished Professor in Law at Washington University School of Law, where he co-directs the Cordell Institute for Policy in Medicine & Law. Woody Hartzog is a Professor of Law and Computer Science at Northeastern University School of Law and holds a joint appointment with the Khoury College of Computer Sciences. Woody and Neil discuss why privacy matters for individuals, businesses, and society, and the dark patterns that undermine individual privacy in technology. Woody and Neil provide insight into the role of law in protecting privacy, and the idea of creating a fiduciary duty in the collection, processing, and storage of data.  

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