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Robin Sosnow Reflects How ICOs and STOs are Highly Reminicent of Crowdfunded Securities Offerings

Amy Wan

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The Law & Blockchain: Episode 7

Robin Sosnow, a veteran of the crowdfunded securities offering industry, explains the primary laws around private securities offerings and crowdfunding, and how they fit in with ICOs and STOs. Robin is the founding Partner of Sosnow & Associates PLLC, an innovative, boutique legal practice in New York City. She also co-founded Digital Securities Law Group, another New York City based joint venture legal practice, which is focused specifically on the blockchain industry.

Robin practices in the areas of securities law, crowdfunding, and security tokens. As such, she is a regular speaker at FinTech events such her recent appearances at the OTC Markets, KoreSummit, the Security Token Summit II and OnChain19.


Twitter: @RobinSosnowEsq 

Email: [email protected]