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Business Law Podcast

Integrating Sustainability and CSR into Compliance Programs

Alan S Gutterman

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Corporate Lawyers Changing the World: Episode 7

In this episode of “Corporate Lawyers Changing the World: An Insider's Look at Corporate Social Responsibility” we talk with Margaret Cassidy about integrating sustainability and CSR into corporate compliance programs.  Margaret, one of the co-editors and authors of The Lawyer’s Corporate Social Responsibility Deskbook, is the founder and principal of Cassidy Law PLLC and is currently Chair of the ABA Business Law Corporate Compliance Committee. Margaret counsels businesses on implementing and improving ethics, compliance and socially responsible programs with a focus on government contractors both in the US and abroad.  Margaret prospectively counsels businesses and their leaders on procurement laws, conflict of interest and ethics laws as well as anti-corruption and trade laws.  Margaret defends businesses and their leaders when they are accused of committing business crimes, whether in a criminal or civil investigation, and also defends businesses subject to a government audit.