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Cat Backstops in Cyber Insurance: What it is and where it is going?

Jordan L Fischer and Monique Ferraro

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In Episode 2, host Jordan L. Fischer, Esq. interviews Monique Ferraro, Cyber Counsel at Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB), a Munich Re company. Monique and Jordan dive into the evolving world of cyber insurance and key changes in this industry. Monique provides insight into how the cyber insurance space has evolved over the last two decades, and where change is driving the entire industry. She also details the emerging concept of a cat backstop in cyber insurance: where the US government would provide government-backed coverage for catastrophic cyber incidents.

For more information on Monique, visit her LinkedIn page. To contact our host, Jordan L. Fischer, Esq., regarding this podcast or to inquire into becoming a guest, please contact Ms. Fischer at [email protected].