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Practice Area Insights — Digital Assets: A Brave New World

Robert Marshall Grodner, Juliet Marie Moringiello, and Christopher Keith Odinet

A draft of amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code to address emerging technologies is nearing completion. In this conversation, vice chair of the drafting committee Juliet Moringiello, R. Marshall Grodner, and Christopher Odinet discuss the amendments’ effort to provide a broad framework for transacting with digital assets, from cryptocurrency to non-fungible tokens and “just about any other digital thing that we may not think of right now.” Delving into consumer concerns related to NFTs, the challenges of enacting UCC amendments in the states, and more, these experts provide a perceptive look at the nuts and bolts behind digital assets’ hype.

This video was filmed at the ABA Business Law Section’s 2022 Hybrid Spring Meeting. To learn more about these topics, check out the on-demand CLE versions of the meeting’s related programs, including “The UCC Tackles Emerging Technology: The Proposed 2022 Amendments to the UCC, Part II” and “Digital Assets and the Digital Economy: Questions of Scope and Sales.”

The content of this program does not meet requirements for continuing legal education (CLE) accreditation. You will not receive CLE credit for participating.