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Practice Area Insights — Balancing Buyer and Supplier Responsibilities: Model Contract Clauses for International Supply Chains

Susan A Maslow and David V Snyder

The COVID-19 pandemic brought “the kind of supply chain disruption that really had not been contemplated on such a scale before,” says Susan A. Maslow. Maslow is deeply knowledgeable about supply chain complexities; she and David V. Snyder are vice chair and chair of the ABA Business Law Section’s Working Group to Draft Model Contract Clauses to Protect Human Rights in International Supply Chains. In their conversation, they discuss their work on the Model Contract Clauses (MCCs) as a means to bring human rights policies into practice, the tricky commercial law issues at play, shifts between the first version and recent second version of the MCCs, and more.

summary of version 2.0 of its Model Contract Clauses is available on Business Law Today, with the full report in the Winter 2021–2022 issue of The Business Lawyer and complete resources, including a downloadable Word document designed to assist in contract drafting, available on a site of the ABA Center for Human Rights.

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