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Practice Area Insights — An Introduction to M&A Careers

Samantha Horn, Daniel Rosenberg, and Matthew B. Swartz

Interested in a career in M&A? This video will provide an understanding of not only the role of the corporate lawyer in M&A deals but the numerous elements that encompass a typical M&A transaction. The featured speakers—Samantha Horn, Matthew B. Swartz, and Daniel Rosenberg—are seasoned M&A lawyers who have a firm grasp of this unique legal practice. In this video, they identify the legal issues and key players involved in an M&A deal and offer tips for getting started in the field. With so many moving parts, the attorney must have the knowledge and skills to navigate the legal due diligence of an M&A transaction.

The content of this program does not meet requirements for continuing legal education (CLE) accreditation. You will not receive CLE credit for participating.