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Practice Area Insights — Opportunities and Challenges of Lawyering to Advance Just and Transformative Investment

Dorcas Raejeana Gilmore and Jinna Kwak

In this video, Dorcas R. Gilmore and Jinna Kwak explore what it looks like to effectively represent clients with goals of using and leveraging their capital for social justice.

Transformative finance and similar concepts are rooted in questions like “How do we make real the promise of justice for all communities… and how do we shift the economy in ways that actually achieve that?” Gilmore said. Kwak, of counsel at Adler & Colvin, and Gilmore, principal of Gilmore Khandhar, LLC and co-editor of new book Investing for Social Impact, Economic Justice, and Racial Equity, have deep experience working with nonprofits and grassroots organizations seeking capital, grantmakers and investors, and beyond. Their insightful discussion delves into opportunities and challenges in each context at the intersection of legal frameworks and broader principles. They highlight the need for creativity, imagining risk and diligence more broadly, and understanding the variety of roles lawyers can play.

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