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Business Law 101 — What You Should Know about Banking Law

Joseph Edward Silvia, John M Geiringer, and Matthew Bisanz

In a new video series answering common business law questions from attorneys new to the field, Matthew G. Bisanz, John M. Geiringer, and Joseph E. Silvia provide an accessible and informative introduction to banking law. Beginning with the framework of the U.S.’s unusual dual banking system, they delve into the complexities of regulatory authority over different aspects of banking, as well as examination and enforcement in this context, distilling key themes and tips to keep in mind. Together, Bisanz, Geiringer, and Silvia illustrate how banks’ unique role in the U.S. economy means banking law involves “a different kind of lawyering.”

The content of this program does not meet requirements for continuing legal education (CLE) accreditation. You will not receive CLE credit for participating.