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Building Competence and Instilling Confidence (Part 1): Effective Client Management in a Deal for a Junior M&A Lawyer

Brian L Blaylock, Erik Lewis Kantz, Jillian Bauman, Laurie Propeck, and William Jacoby

This panel will focus on client management in the context of a business transaction with the goal of helping junior associates strengthen soft skills that are crucial to developing into an exceptional deal lawyer. Our speakers will be prompted to discuss issues that may arise for a junior attorney as they shift into a client-facing role in a transaction. Discussion points will include:

  • How to handle an initial due diligence call
  • What types of ancillary documents the junior associate may be asked to prepare
  • Tips to break down “legalese” for a client
  • Advice for how to handle a question you may not know the answer to
  • Best practices for reporting to a senior attorney
  • Issue-spotting – and how to raise the issue to the client.

The 3 person panel will be moderated by two junior associates. The panel will include an array of perspectives including from inside counsel, a partner, and an entrepreneur. 

NOTE: There are no written materials for this program. The content of this program does not meet requirements for continuing legal education (CLE) accreditation.