March 29, 2019

M&A Post Closing Disputes

The M&A Post Closing Disputes session will be delivered by a panel of senior legal and financial practitioners from several geographies with extensive experience in the broad range of disputes that arise in and from merger and acquisition transactions.  The discussion will focus not only in-country acquisitions but also cross-border acquisitions and the disputes that can arise therefrom.  The international nature of the panelists (USA, UK and Canada) are well suited to cover this ground.  Each panelist will provide a presentation on aspects of M&A disputes in their particular field of expertise and in which they have been involved along with a number of “war stories” on interesting matters in which they have been personally involved.   These matters canvass a broad range of industry contexts.  The discussion will address a number of legal issues, how to deal with them after they arise and how to avoid them in the first place.  It will also address financial and related remedies to various problems that can arise – from the most common working capital adjustments to the more complicated pricing / valuation adjustments that can arise in circumstances such as misrepresentations and related issues. The discussion will also address recent trends in these M&A dispute matters and provide insights in to the processes that may be involved for the resolution of such disputes (including international arbitration) and pros and cons of each.

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