March 29, 2019

International Transactions in a Heavily-Regulated and Changing Legal Landscape

As either Legal practices and or organizations expand organically or through mergers, it is critical, they foster specialization.  What are organizations doing to develop new lawyers?  The competitive legal healthcare landscape requires organizations to offer more opportunities for new lawyers in the field whether in-house or in private practice.  Regrettably, new lawyers are not always aware of how to build a health law practice.  Our program while broad in scope, will attempt to provide the various industry leader perspectives on how to prepare, build and develop a healthcare practice.  The program should provide new attorneys with how to explore the field with the many opportunities a healthcare legal practice can develop and offer to its fullest. 

When the decision is made to pursue healthcare law what does that entail for a new lawyer to the field?  There are significant differences on why different leaders chose different paths within healthcare field to explore.  There is the traditional route with recruitment through internships during law school, various law courses and or other routes to arrive with focusing on healthcare law.  For some after a few health law courses, personal health law experiences or just the need to want to help those with issue in healthcare legal field might be how one chooses to focus on healthcare law. 

After you make the decision that healthcare law, is where you want to be then what is next?  One panel member will talk about how they built their law practice organically within the same firm and ultimately became the firms practice leader.  You will hear the panelists talk about their day-to-day responsibilities and how this has changed over the years.  In addition, you will hear why being with a law firm was more important than joining an organization’s in-house legal department.  Why one chose the route of business lawyer in lieu of litigation.  Did gender affect the decision to focus on a health law practice they chose?  These are the many questions and or issues a new lawyer faces with building a healthcare practice.

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