March 29, 2019

Crypto Asset Enforcement Actions: TKO for ICOs? or Course Correction for a New Asset Class?

Federal regulators, including the SEC, CFTC, OCC, and FinCEN, continue to shape the regulatory landscape for crypto currencies, crypto token issuers, money service businesses, and other entities that facilitate crypto transactions. While many of the earliest enforcement actions were resolved by consent, increasingly defendants are choosing to litigate more of these cases. New to the fray are investors’ class counsel seeking rescission for investors who have lost billions to fraudsters.

This program examines recent federal developments at the agency level and in the courts with comprehensive reviews of the latest enforcement actions, class action litigation, and regulatory guidance for issuers, investors, money transmitters, and other participants in the crypto markets. Based on the latest developments, panelists will distill lessons for prospective issuers and investors, and assess the state of the market for crypto assets in light of the legal realities.