March 29, 2019

Brand Management: Using Your Brand to Maximize Professional Relationships

Last year, we talked a lot about how to zealously advocate for yourself and build your brand.  Now we are going to discuss how to capitalize on the brand you are building and use it to maximize your professional relationships.

Branding is all about shaping others’ perceptions of you.  Perceptions are not always accurate, but perceptions are all that matter.  Intentionally branding oneself to fully capitalize on one’s unique strengths is a practice that requires focus and attention.  Focus on both the inward-facing (inside organization) and outward facing (outside your organization) dimensions to one’s professional brand is key to having a strong, positive brand.

Brand management is the analysis and planning that goes into how your brand is received; it is an active process.  Developing key relationships is essential to brand management.  Elements of this process including presentation, skill, work product and work content.