September 13, 2019

Protecting Business Information & Trade Secrets: Best Practices

Protecting Business Information & Trade Secrets: Best Practices is a program designed to explore ways in which businesses can proactively protect confidential information and prepare to take legal action when a breach occurred. This program will explore the role of management and all those with responsibility for protecting confidential information. The program is particularly timely given a renewed focus in preventing and remedying data and trade secret misappropriation. Although both federal and state laws have long protected trade secrets, it remains a pernicious issue for businesses as evidenced by the increasing number of reports of breaches and data theft. It can be reasonably anticipated that the threat will persist, given the human component, and is exacerbated by the reality that businesses are dependent upon communication systems that are prone to breach and misuse. It suffices to say, that to minimize the risk of data and trade secret misappropriation, there must be a consistent and sustained effort to develop and implement policies and practices to prevent and remedy misappropriation of business information.

The aim of this program is to provide participants information to enhance and improve practices in the business so as to prevent and remedy the misappropriation of confidential business information. Participants will be provided guidance regarding developing and implementing the right business controls (e.g., agreements, policies) to reduce the risk of theft and remedy theft. Among other things, participants will learn about best practices for:

  • Developing and implementing policies to prevent and remedy misappropriation;
  • Investigating misappropriation; and
  • Remedying misappropriation through the civil and criminal processes.

The overall objective is to reinforce the need for creating a sound infrastructure to protect confidential business information and trade secrets, monitoring controls and proactively remedying the misappropriation of confidential business information and trade secrets.  

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