September 13, 2019

Legal Analytics Series: Data Processes for Efficient Client Services

This second program in the Legal Analytics Series  – Data Processes for Efficient Client Services – will educate you, whether you are in-house counsel, private practice attorneys, or legal service providers, on the step you will take along the way of your data journey.  Each of us will be asked over the course of our careers to use and develop data processes in our practices, either for our management or our clients.  The program expands upon the foundation established at the Vancouver meeting in March of teaching attorneys the basics of creating and organizing useful practice data, but at an incremental level that will benefit all levels of experience. 

Do not worry.  You will be able to keep up, even if you did not attend the previous session.

This program will explain the basics of project planning, statistics and automation. After this program, you will be able to visualize how you could establish a basic data process in your practice.

The project planning discussion will teach you how to identify goals for your data process, your current sources of data, and various collection methods available to you.  The discussion on statistics will explain key performance indicators and teach you how to identify them and other relevant statistics from your data.  Finally, the discussion on automation will teach you how to develop a process to automate the collection of data and various tools available to assist you.    

Premium Content For:
  • Business Law Section
  • CL1909SAM - 2019 Business Law Section Annual Meeting