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Business Law Today: September 2016

Articles and Features

Doing the Deal Right: Mitigating the Threat of Insolvency Before It's Too Late

Sheryl L Toby, Erik Lewis Kantz, Rachel Jaffe Mauceri, Vincent Edward Lazar, and William A. Williams

In the context of everyday commercial transactions, there are a number of unforeseen issues that companies may face when their contractual counterparties file for bankruptcy, but there are ways to mi…

Sep 20, 2016 11 min read

Explaining the Defend Trade Secrets Act

Bret A Cohen, Michael T. Renaud, and Nicholas Armington

The recently enacted Defend Trade Secrets Act is important new legislation that creates a federal, private, civil cause of action for trade-secret misappropriation.

Sep 20, 2016 7 min read