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Basics of Collateral and Security Interests

Dan Wolfensohn, Maia Sloss Carson, Sheel A Patel, Marisa Sotomayor, and George Kieran Komnenos

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From a secured lending perspective, this panel provides a detailed overview of collateral security as an integral part of commercial finance transactions. Topics covered will include UCC Article 9 collateral and common types of excluded collateral; foreign law/conflicts of law issues; collateral in secured lending, including remedies and enforcement; how a creditor is granted and perfects in collateral; collateral granting clauses and documentation; lien priority, including subordination; deal structuring and value-leaking transactions; and structuring tips, drafting fixes, and loan market perspectives.


The content of this program does not meet requirements for continuing legal education (CLE) accreditation. You will not receive CLE credit for participating.