May 14, 2020

Consumer Financial Services

Consumer Financial Services

Introduction to the 2012 Annual Survey of Consumer Financial Services Law
      Therese G. Franzén, 67(2): 537 - 540 (February 2012)

Truth in Lending Update-2011
      Arthur B. Axelson and Richard A. Vance, 67(2): 541 - 552 (February 2012)

There’s a New Sheriff in Town-2011 Survey of RESPA Developments
      John Kromer, Sanford Shatz, and Jonathan Cannon, 67(2): 553 - 564 (February 2012)

Mortgage Lending Developments: A New Era of Regulation
      Julie R. Caggiano and Jennifer L. Dozier, 67(2): 565 - 574 (February 2012)

Fair Lending Developments: Testing the Limits of Statistical Evidence
      John L. Ropiequet, Christopher S. Naveja, and L. Jean Noonan, 67(2): 575 - 584 (February 2012)

Fair Credit Reporting Act Update-2011
      Andrew M. Smith and Peter Gilbert, 67(2): 585 - 596 (February 2012)

Automotive Finance: Impact of Dodd-Frank
      Karoline Andris and Kenneth Rojc, 67(2): 597 - 606 (February 2012)

Current Developments in Bank Deposits and Payment Systems
      Laura Brown, Candace Modlin Davis, and Ryan Stinneford, 67(2): 607 - 616 (February 2012)

Update on Federal Regulation of Attorneys Under Financial Services Laws
      Thomas B. Pahl and Evan Zullow, 67(2): 617 - 628 (February 2012)

Arbitration Developments: Concepcion-The Supreme Court Decisively Steps In
      Alan S. Kaplinsky, Mark J. Levin, and Martin C. Bryce, Jr., 67(2): 629 - 638 (February 2012)

FDCPA Update: An Industry in Transition
      Tomio Narita, Don Maurice, and Laurie Lucas, 67(2): 639 - 648 (February 2012)

The Foreclosure Firestorm: “Robo-Signing” Allegations Have More Bark than Bite
      Richard Gottlieb, James Golden, and Brett Natarelli, 67(2): 649 - 656 (February 2012)

Recent Developments in Credit Score Disclosures
      Anne Wenninger Gehring, 67(2): 657 - 662 (February 2012)

Summary of 2011 CARD Act Clarifications
      Obrea O. Poindexter, 67(2): 663 - 672 (February 2012)

OCC Reissues its Preemption Regulations for National Banks and Federal Savings Associations
      Ralph T. Wutscher and David L. Beam, 67(2): 673 - 678 (February 2012)

Fiduciary Society Unleashed: The Road Ahead for the Financial Sector
      Edward J. Waitzer and Douglas Sarro, 69(4): 1081-1116 (August 2014)
Informational asymmetries, misaligned incentives and artificially elongated chains of intermediation have created a disconnect between the financial sector and the “real economy” that is detrimental to the public interest. Courts and regulators are increasingly intervening to break the cycle. We argue that fiduciary law offers a conceptual framework both for understanding and responding to this trend, and that the financial sector, rather than waiting for this trend to develop and reacting to new rules in a piecemeal way, should be proactive and try to shape the way in which this trend develops. We describe some elements of what such an approach might look like, and consider how regulators and political institutions can encourage financial institutions to adopt this approach, and in so doing support a broader transition to a more sustainable economy.

Survey - Consumer Financial Services
      Committee on Consumer Financial Services, ABA Business Law Section, 74(2) 489-630 (Spring 2019)

Survey - Consumer Financial Services
      Committee on Consumer Financial Services, ABA Business Law Section; 75(2): 1901-2040 (Spring 2020)