January 01, 2017

January 2017

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Welcome 2017

By: C├ęsar Escovar

Congratulations and welcome to the new year, 2017! Finals are done and you're waiting for your grades to come out. Hopefully you enjoyed your time away from school with family and friends and took advantage of a well-deserved holiday vacation. Lets not forget, however, there is still work to be done for this new year, the next chapter in your life!

As you plan your year and semester out, make sure you account for your networking event, social excursion, and educational conference that is sure to impact your legal career: The 2017 Business Law Section Spring Meeting in New Orleans! This is the best opportunity to have fun while actively growing your network and professional opportunities.

Let us start the year off strong by planning ahead and forging away to a successful legal career by getting involved in the section. In order to lead, we must learn to serve. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Join us for our Spring Meeting in New Orleans!

We're heading south to New Orleans for the 2017 Spring Meeting taking place April 6-8. Register now to expand your network with thought leaders and future colleagues. Cultivate your interests and learn more about a particular area of business law by joining committee meetings and events to build a solid footing. Join us as we network, learn, and celebrate the rebirth of a great American city!

Registration is free for all law students!

Member Spotlight - From Law Student to Business Law Fellow

In this month's member spotlight we focused on one of our current Business Law Fellows, and previous law student liaison, Shazia Ahmed. She has been an active member of the Business Law Section since she was a law student; she has succeeded in a number of leadership roles and in her career as a business lawyer. Read more on her experience below:

Q: How did you first get involved with the ABA?

Shazia: As 1L evening division student, I balanced a full time job while attending law school in the evenings. At that time, I had developed tremendous financial and accounting experience at various companies within the media industry, including Viacom, Atrinsic and L'Oreal; however, my legal experience was limited to law school.

My sister, an attorney, recommended that I apply for the ABA student liaison position. This recommendation catapulted my legal experience. From 2013 to 2015, I served as the student liaison for the ABA Business Law Section. During that time, I helped develop new programs for law students and activities for lawyers to interface with young attorneys and law students.


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