May 01, 2019

Requests For Sponsors/Submissions

Erik L. Kantz

Dear Middle Market and Small Business Committee Members:

Our Committee is always actively seeking sponsors and volunteers, and we need your continued help. Please continue reading below to learn how you can contribute to our Committee’s success.

Having sponsors will provide a financial contribution to help fund Committee dinners. But perhaps more importantly, sponsors can provide a strategic relationship with our committee and provide substantive content and market intelligence during Committee meetings as well as participate in our CLE programs. Efforts to secure additional sponsors are being led by Michel Gélinas ( If you have any leads or suggestions, please let Michel know.

If you are interested in preparing a short, substantive article on a topic that is relevant for our Committee, please contact Andy Monthey at or Mark D. Hobson at

All articles for the newsletter should be minimal in length (up to 2,000 words). In addition to being circulated to our approximately 1,400 members, your article may also be eligible for publishing in the Business Law Section’s Business Law Today, a monthly publication circulated to approximately 37,000 members.

Thanks to everyone for your support!

Erik L. Kantz
Chair, Middle Market and Small Business Committee
Business Law Section