May 01, 2019

Listserv Protocols

  • Listserv. The MMSB Committee encourages all of its members (especially those who have recently joined) to become active participants in all committee activities, including participating in discussions on our Listserv. It is a great way to learn about current legal issues affecting your practice. The Listserv provided by the MMSB Committee (“MMSB Listserv”) is a great medium with which to solicit the advice of your peers, benefit from their experience and participate in an ongoing conversation about relevant topics. To be able to send a message through the MMSB Listserv, however, you must first be a member of the MMSB Committee and separately register and establish an additional password on the ABA’s Listserv platform in order to access this functionality. All Listserv participants are also required to comply with the Rules & Etiquette Guidelines described below.
  •  Listserv Archive. Members of the MMSB Committee who are fully signed up for the Listserv and logged in to the Listserv platform can access the extensive MMSB Listserv archive at the following link: Listserv Archive
  • Rules & Etiquette Guidelines for Use of the MMSB Listserv.

The MMSB Committee has established Rules & Etiquette Guidelines that will govern all participants’ use of the MMSB Listserv. If a participant fails to adhere to these Rules & Etiquette Guidelines, the MMSB Committee may suspend or terminate that person’s future participation on the MMSB Listserv.

The Rules & Etiquette Guidelines for use of the MMSB Listserv can be found on the ABA’s website.