May 01, 2019

Leadership List Of MMSB Committee

The following is a list of the MMSB Committee leadership. Please contact the Chairs or Vice Chairs of our MMSB Committee or any Subcommittee, or of our Task Forces or any of our Liaisons, to get involved in the particular MMSB Committee activities that interest you and which can benefit you, your practice and your clients. All levels are welcome, and we hope to see you soon in Vancouver!

Chair and Vice-Chairs

Erik L. Kantz, Chair

Erik L. Kantz, Chair

Erik L. Kantz, Chair
Asst. General Counsel M&A, ATI Physical Therapy
Counsel, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
Chicago, IL

George M. Flint III, Vice-Chair

George M. Flint III, Vice-Chair

George M. Flint III, Vice-Chair
Parsons Behle & Latimer
Salt Lake City, Utah

Sara K. Stock, Vice-Chair

Sara K. Stock, Vice-Chair

Sara K. Stock, Vice-Chair
Stock Legal, LLP
St. Louis, Missouri


Corporate Counsel Committee                                  George M. Flint, III
Federal Regulation of Securities Committee      Bonnie J. Roe
Mergers & Acquisitions Committee                         Tarik J. Haskins
Private Equity & Venture Capital Committee       Dee R. Harris
State Regulation of Securities Committee               Mike Liles, Jr.

Editorial Board
Erik L. Kantz
George M. Flint, III
Sara K. Stock
Mark D. Hobson
Evangelos “Andy” Kostoulas
Andrew W. Monthey

Content Committee                 Henry M. Beck, Jr.
Diversity Committee                Berna Rhodes-Ford
Membership Committee       Berna Rhodes-Ford
Pro Bono Committee              Sarita Nair
Programs Committee              Jared Kaplan
Publications Board                   Elizabeth A. Bleakley
Technology Committee          Evangelos “Andy” Kostoulas
                                                         Sahmra Stevenson
Task Forces
Private Placement Broker              Linda Lerner, TFC
                                                                  Martin Hewitt, TFVC

Short Form M&A Documents          Eric Graben, TFC

Business Entities Governance                 Allen Sparkman, SC
Corporate Counsel Triage Project         George M. Flint, III, SC
                                                                              Madelyn Shulman, SVC
Committee Newsletter                                Mark D. Hobson, SCC
                                                                             Evangelos “Andy” Kostoulas, SCC
Emerging Companies                                  Elizabeth Bleakley, SCC
                                                                             Michael Vargas, SCC

Family-Owned Businesses                         Michael P. Connolly, SC
International Expansion &
Cross-Border Transactions                        Jim Black, SCC
                                                                              Michel Gelinas, SCC
                                                                              Hermann J. Knott, SCC
                                                                             Jeffrey Van Winkle, SCC
Membership                                                    Berna Rhodes-Ford, SC
Programs & Planning                                   Erik Kantz, SCC
                                                                              George Flint III, SCC
Eric A. Vendt, SCC
Publications Elizabeth A. Bleakley, SC
Securities Regulation Bonnie J. Roe, SC
Technology Evangelos “Andy” Kostoulas, SCC
Sahmra Stevenson, SCC

(SC = Subcommittee Chair; SCC = Subcommittee Co-Chair; SVC = Subcommittee Vice-Chair; TFC = Task Force Chair; TFVC = Task Force Vice-Chair).