May 01, 2019

Law Student Committee Associate Program

ABA Committee Associate Program

The ABA’s Committee Associate Program (“CAP”) is designed to build relationships between law students and members of the ABA Business Law Section (the “Section”), by giving students the opportunity to gain experience through substantive and administrative projects with committees of the Section.

The MMSB Committee is continually seeking associates to help write (i) articles and (ii) summaries of the various activities of the MMSB Committee’s subcommittees and task forces for inclusion in our newsletter. Articles and summaries will be based on live programs from the MMSB Committee’s Fall, Spring and Annual Meetings as well as other MMSB Committee meetings, webinars, and lunches that feature one or more speakers. CAP Associate(s) will work with the program presenters and speakers to write certain articles, and also have the opportunity to work with program presenters and speakers to help draft and eventually possibly submit article(s) for publication in the ABA’s Business Law Today. Published articles will be drafted primarily by the program presenter or speaker. Attending meetings is required and since travel is not reimbursable, the MMSB Committee is seeking primarily law students who are local to each of the next Fall, Spring and Annual Meetings.

The duration of the position is for at least the applicable meeting and completion of article(s) arising from the same meeting that the CAP Associate(s) attended.

Law students may apply by visiting the CAP website for an application.

If you are interested in participating in the CAP and helping the MMSB Committee, please contact one of the Vice-Chairs, George M. Flint III at or Sara K. Stock at