Legal Analytics Committee Newsletter - April 2019


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Message from the Chair

A few weeks ago I had dinner with a friend who’s a deal partner in a mid-size NY law firm. I was amazed that he hadn’t heard of “legal operations,” automated document review, Tech Week, or any of the concepts we’ve been talking about in this committee. Let’s call him ‘Bob.’ The Legal Analytics Committee is the place for Business Law Section members to learn, explore, and build the next generation of legal practice methods. It’s not just a conversation for those actively working with data and analytics or those really interested in learning. It’s not just for the math and economics nerds among us. It’s a conversation for the Bobs (and Bettys) in our law firms and ABA committees. The Business Law Section is a big organization and I had many conversations in Vancouver with attendees who were not aware of the new tools for performing legal work. You likely know some too. Help them out. Take some time in the next week to reach out to the Bobs and Bettys around you, and introduce them to the world of legal analytics.

Business & Corporate

The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust

One would have to be living under a rock the past few years to miss the hype about blockchain, and the related phenomenon of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain describes a family of decentralized ledger technologies that promise to track and transfer anything of value—money, stocks, insurance claims, goods flowing through global supply chains, datasets for artificial intelligence applications, and more—without reliance on trusted central authorities. Yet other than a bubble and crash in financial speculation around Bitcoin and other tokens, it’s hard to see the real-world implications of these technologies. Now the crypto-promoters convinced that blockchain is the answer to virtually any question are joined by cyber-skeptics arguing it is pointless at best, fraudulent at worst.