November 09, 2020

Message from the Chair

Cheryl McManus Burtzel

It’s a great pleasure to write for our first newsletter of the Business Law Section ABA year. We have lots of news to report – as well as opportunities for speaking engagements, writing, and other projects. Welcome to the November 2020 Cyberspace Law Committee newsletter!

Our Committee has been the beneficiary of great leadership – resulting in the many fine experiences and opportunities made available to you.  Immediate Past Chair Cheryl Balough’s hard work, vision and relationships during the past three years of service as Chair and before that in other leadership roles in the ABA.  Without her leadership, this Committee would not have achieved the success we have nor would the exciting possibilities for our future development as a Committee be before us.  Thank you, Cheryl Balough!

New Leadership Team Appointments

I’m pleased to announce appointments to Cyberspace Law Committee leadership positions.  Our new leadership team includes the following appointments:           

Vice Chair & Acting Program Chair:  Ed Morse

Publications/Content Director: Juliet M. Moringiello
Communications Director:  Tom Kierner
Survey of the Law of Cyberspace: John Rothchild, Editor
International Coordinating Director: Richik Sarkar
Diversity & Inclusion Director: Andrew Alleyne


Cloud & Enterprise Technology SC: Candace M. Jones
Consumer Privacy & Data Analytics: SC: John Rothchild • SC: John Isaza
Cross-Border CyberLaw and Regulation:  SC: David Flint VC:  Andrew Alleyne
Cyber Insurance: SC: John Black • SC: Richik Sarkar
Cybersecurity SC: Lewis Dolezal
Digital Media, Gaming & Entertainment: SC: Jon Garon
Electronic Payments & Financial Services SC: Stephen Middlebrook • SC: Sarah Jane Hughes •     VC: Tom Kierner
International Privacy and Compliance: SC: Valerie Surgenor
Robotics & Artificial Intelligence: SC: Lisa R. Lifshitz • SC:  · VC: Dredeir Roberts
Technology Transfer & Product Development: SC: William R. Denny • VC:

Task Forces:

Identity Management TFC: Thomas J. Smedinghoff
Internet Governance   TFC:  Michael J. Kelly & TFC: David Satola

Congratulations to our new Committee leadership team!  We will have a few additional announcements in our next newsletter, thereby rounding out all of our appointments for the Committee for now.  Please feel free to reach out to any member of our leadership team to discuss your interest in participating in their important work.  We are here to work with you in the coming months.

Upcoming Programs

As we mentioned at the Virtual Section Annual Meeting, the Cyberspace Committee will be holding its Cyberspace Law Institute and Winter Working Meeting at the beginning of 2021.  This year we’ll be having the meeting virtually and will run the program over a three-week period in February. More details on this valuable and important conference will be distributed soon!

The Spring Meeting also will be presented via a virtual platform in 2021, similar to the Annual Meeting.  Please see Ed Morse’s article below for our call for program proposals and other additional details.

And, join us for a program on Schrems II and its important impacts, to be presented by David Flint and others as part of the ABA’s regularly occurring In the Know program series on November 19. 2020.  Read more about this important program below!

More Good News:  Committee Success in the Past Few Months

The Cyberspace Law Committee is pleased to announce that our Showcase CLE Program entitled: Privacy Twilight Zone: Returning to Work in the Age of Covid-19 was the most attended Showcase Program for the recent Virtual Section Annual Meeting. The program, which explored many of the privacy issues arising in the current environment and returning to work, was led by committee members Seaton Daly, John Isaza, and John Rothchild.  Congratulations to this team for a great program!

Two new subcommittees have been formed, with interesting new projects and other opportunities to come.  The first, the Digital Media, Gaming & Entertainment Subcommittee. is led by Subcommittee Chair Jon Garon. This subcommittee will explore the evolving issues in digital media, gaming and entertainment -- things like the disruption of industry and technology approaches to news media, social media, and other fields as further developments in these platforms occur. What should we be thinking about as these new media are introduced and deployed?  Privacy risk? Fake news? Other fascinating topics?  If you are interested in these and other related topics, please contact Jon ( to get involved.

The second new subcommittee, Technology Transfer & Product Development, is led by Subcommittee Chair Bill Denny. This subcommittee will explore legal issues arising from the development and use of new technology products.  These issues can span the range from data privacy and security to intellectual property protection, licensing, access to people with disabilities, cross-border technology transfer and many more. 


So, plenty of things going on with the Cyberspace Law Committee.  As before, we’re always looking for good articles for our publications and programs for our meetings.  Next month, you’ll hear about some additional leadership appointments and other good things that are happening ---thanks to the hard work of our Committee’s volunteers and leadership team.

In the meantime, please reach out to me, Vice Chair Ed Morse, or any of our leadership team members with your ideas, questions, and suggestions.  I can be reached by phone at 512.840.4553 or by email at   Have a great November!

Cheryl McManus Burtzel

Cyberspace Law Committee Chair