April 10, 2020

Electronic Payments and Financial Services Subcommittee

The Electronic Payments and Financial Services Subcommittee
hosted Richard M. Fraher, known to many CLC members who was the FRB Atlanta lawyer who worked on check collection after 9/11 and also on supporting banks affected by Hurricane Katrina, as its guest for subcommittee meeting held online on Thursday, March 26, 2020.  Committee member Patti Allousie of the FRB Boston also participated in the subcommittee meeting, bringing her valuable experience on how bank regulators respond to crises.

If any CLC members who attended the meeting, or who could not attend, are interested in working on projects related to payments in pandemics/disaster zones, please email Sarah Jane Hughes at sjhughes@indiana.edu or Stephen.Middlebrook@wbd-us.com to let us know.