April 10, 2020

Message from the Chair

Cheryl Dancey Balough

Dear Cyberspace Colleagues –

COVID-19 dominates the news cycle and affects most of our daily professional activity with clients asking:

  • Will my business interruption insurance cover the business closure?
  • How will people’s aversion to touching money now affect?
  • What additional cybersecurity measures do you need to take when all your employees are now working from home?
  • Are we willing to give up privacy to permit tracking that might help flatten the curve?

While you and your cyberspace colleagues grapple with these questions, the Cyberspace Law Committee continues to look forward—as it always has. What are the new cyber challenges that our clients, institutions, and firms will face after this crisis winds down, and what does or should the law say about them?

Four of our substantive subcommittees met telephonically on Thursday, March 26. We were thrilled to have several new participants on the calls—which suggests that we may need to meet this way more often. Thank you to those of you who joined! If you could not dial in, please read below for some updates from the subcommittee chairs, or reach out if you would like to get involved.

We had planned eight CLE programs for Spring Meeting. Half of those likely will be presented at Annual Meeting in Chicago; the other half will appear as webinars over the next few months. We will keep you posted on the schedule and hope that you can take advantage of this excellent source of information.

As always, please let me or Cheryl Burtzel (new email address) know how you would like to get involved.

Cheryl Dancey Balough, Chair

Cheryl D. Balough

Cyberspace Law Committee Chair