March 09, 2020

Consumer Privacy and Data Analytics Subcommittee

The Consumer Privacy and Data Analytics Subcommittee (CPDAs) had a productive meeting in Phoenix last January. At that meeting, CPDAs members resolved to continue with annual updates to its recently published Global Privacy Checklist. Business Law Section members can access this valuable tool at under the Resources tab. The tentative date for the next update is December 15, 2020, with a deadline of November 30th for contributors to submit their updates. Each contributor will be contacted directly to confirm delivery dates.

Along those lines, CPDAs is also looking for authors willing to write short 750-word articles to submit to Business Law Today (BLT) on hot topics in the privacy space. For instance, Brazil’s new privacy law is ripe for a quick summary. The goal is to publish these short articles every couple of months in BLT, with the ultimate goal of driving more traffic to the Global Checklist through a link from the lead article. Anyone interested in submitting an article should contact CPDAs co-chair John Isaza at

Finally, at the Phoenix meeting, CPDAs members collaborated on several ideas to propose a program for the annual ABA Business Law conference in Chicago on September 10 to 12. For this next project, CPDAs would like to focus on the data analytics part of its core mission. Amongst the topics that bubbled to the top would be a session on digital redlining, specifically focusing on algorithmic biases and behavioral content targeting. Digital redlining is defined in Wikipedia as “the practice of creating and perpetuating inequities between racial, cultural, and class groups specifically through the use of digital technologies, digital content, and the internet.” If this session is selected, it will surely have a large draw. Anyone interested in presenting on this topic is welcome to contact CPDAs co-chair John Isaza at