December 09, 2019

Subcommittee News

Cloud and Enterprise Technology Subcommittee

By Candace Jones and Isvara Wilson

We look forward to seeing you at the Winter Working Meeting next month.  While work on the Directors’ Handbook continues, we plan to focus our time in Arizona on a topic of current interest.  We would like your input now to facilitate planning.  Please let us know if either of these topics resonate with you:

  • Data strategy.  In light of recent developments in law and technology, what legal strategies should companies consider to maximize the value of data?
  • Contracts of Adhesion.  Think about agreements for hosted solutions and cloud services contracts.  What legal strategies are practical when there are limited opportunities to negotiate service terms?  Are there lessons from cases and commentary about contracts of adhesion that could inform strategies for managing legal risk in this context?

Please email Isvara and Candace with your preference or to suggest an alternative topic.  Happy Holidays!