September 09, 2019

Programs Needed for Spring 2020 Business Law Section Meeting

Cheryl Burtzel, Ed Morse

Although we are just now finishing up work on CLE programs for the Annual meeting in Washington DC, it is time to generate ideas for new programs for Spring meeting to be held March 26-28 in Boston, Massachusetts.  Proposals should include: (1) descriptive title; (2) target length (e.g., 60 or 90 minutes); (3) program and materials chair(s); (4) potential panelists; and (5) a brief description of three main topics covered by your program.  Please submit this information to Ed Morse by Monday, September 23.  

If you want to discuss a program topic, feel free to contact us. New members are especially welcome!  Subcommittee chairs, please consider using a segment of your committee time at the Annual meeting to discuss and promote program ideas.   

Cheryl Burtzel

Cyberspace Law Committee Vice-Chair

Ed Morse

Program Chair