August 14, 2019

The Law of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines

Ted Claypoole

Artificial intelligence and the use of smart machines are disrupting law and society. Companies, governments, and universities implement AI without a full understanding of its legal and regulatory threats. A new guide published by the ABA provides a comprehensive overview of the legal issues surrounding artificial intelligence and smart machines. Beginning with a history of AI and exploring the special legal problems like IP development and labor replacement, this guide discusses risks imposed by artificial intelligence and how to effectively mitigate those risks.

The concept of artificial intelligence affects broad aspects of business and society. Sometimes practical, sometimes provocatively speculative, always interesting, this guide is organized to reflect the wide range of issues dealing with artificial intelligence and smart machines. It covers:

  • What you need know about regulations managing autonomous flying drones, biologically-based robots, and other thinking machines that operate in our streets and companies;
  • AI’s impact on healthcare, workplace procedures, and basic business management;
  • AI and intellectual property, cybersecurity, and consumer privacy;
  • AI in the transactional law practice;
  • International privacy laws and global regulations and their effect on development of AI;
  • The future of AI and mapping the law;
  • Unique traits of AI decision making that already conflict with laws and regulations;
  • And much, much more.

Included are charts, graphs, glossary of terms, framework for trustworthy AI, and an appendix with examples of opportunities and critical concerns raised by artificial intelligence.


Ted Claypoole

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