July 12, 2019

Subcommittee News

From the Consumer Privacy and Data Analytics Subcommittee
John Isaza and John Rothchild

The Consumer Privacy and Data Analytics Subcommittee’s Global Privacy Checklist project is still on track for a fall publication. New volunteers, Chae Kim and Patrick McKnight, have stepped in to take the U.S. state survey of privacy regulations to the finish line. At this point, we are still awaiting final word from the ABA on next steps, including the methodology that will be used to publish the Checklist. Special thanks to all the following primary contributors for their tireless work, including Brent Martindale, Erin Illman, Meg Strickler, Tom Kierner, Peter McLaughlin, Lisa Lifshitz, Myron Mallia-Dare, Della Hill, Valerie Surgenor, Rachel Gillan, and several country specific attorneys who will be credited accordingly in the final publication.
At the annual meeting in September, the Subcommittee will continue brainstorming on the next project and coordinate planned efforts for annual updates to the Checklist. Also at the annual conference we are pleased to announce that Subcommittee members John Isaza and Niya McCray’s proposed CLE session has been recommended and will likely be included in the CLE program. The title of the session is tentatively “Recent Developments in US State Privacy Requirements: How Do Businesses Balance It All.” This session is co-sponsored with the Consumer Financial Services Committee.

From the Cyber Insurance Subcommittee
John Black

The Cyber Insurance Subcommittee is working on articles to be placed in Business Law Today to assist business attorneys and their clients in understanding, applying for, and utilizing cyber insurance as part of the client’s cybersecurity arsenal. In connection with this, the articles will: (1) describe and discuss the key features, definitions and exclusions in a cyber insurance policy, walking the reader through a typical cyber insurance policy; (2) provide a checklist of important cyber insurance policy features that various types of organizations should address when considering cyber insurance; (3) offer questions organizations should address with their cyber insurance broker and underwriter; and (4) address good cyber hygiene, both when seeking a cyber insurance quote and after cyber insurance is in place. Anyone interested in assisting in drafting an article should contact John Black.