July 12, 2019

Upcoming Programs Presented by Committee Members

Cyberspace Law Committee members are presenting several programs at the Business Law Section Meeting in September. Read below to find out more!

Is There No Such Thing as a Free Ad and the EU e-Privacy Regulation

The ICO (the UK Data Protection Regulator) issued its updated report on the Ad Tech industry and real time bidding in June 2019. The Report issued a stark warning to those involved in the Ad Tech space. Responding to consumer concerns over how their personal data is used, the updated report from the ICO focuses on the processing of personal data in the Ad Tech Sector and real time bidding. The ICO concluded in its report that the Ad Tech industry “appears immature in its understanding of data protection requirements”, and that they have “systemic concerns around the level of compliance of [real time bidding].”

Join us at “Is There No Such Thing as a Free Ad and the New EU e-Privacy Regulation” on Friday, September 13th from 11:30am – 12:30pm where we will examine what we mean by Ad Tech and Real Time Bidding and what the privacy concerns are from a GDPR and ePrivacy perspectives in the UK/Europe and from US/Canada. Speakers are Val Surgenor (Chair), Paige Boshell, Peter McLaughlin, Paul Lanois, and David Ma.

Board Responsibilities in Cybersecurity – The View from the SEC

Bill Denny and John Evangelakos will speak in Washington, DC about corporate board responsibilities in cybersecurity, and we hope to have a representative from the SEC join the panel, as well. Corporate boards are increasingly coming under scrutiny as to how they oversee management of cybersecurity risk and communicate those risks to stockholders. In 2018, the SEC provided interpretive guidance regarding how a company should approach its cybersecurity disclosure obligations and manage its cybersecurity risk management program. Bill and John will discuss how companies are implementing that SEC guidance and the SEC’s perspective on enforcement, as well as how state law fiduciary duties and FTC enforcement actions are shaping corporate board oversight of cybersecurity risk management.

Your Web Content and Diverging Rules in EU and US on ISP Liability for Copyright Infringement

At 10:30 on Friday September 13th, there will be a great program “Your Web Content and Diverging Rules in EU and US on ISP Liability for Copyright Infringement,” which will look at the new EU Copyright Directive that presents compliance challenges, including controversial rules in Articles 15 and 17 requiring websites to restrict copyright materials as a condition for immunity from infringement liability. This program covers implications of the Directive, including comparisons to US law involving fair use and section 230 immunity. An expert panel comprising Professor Anupam Chander, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center. A.B. Harvard; J.D. Yale., Corynne McSherry, Legal Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and David Flint, Visiting Professor at Creighton University School of Law, and Commercial Law Consultant at Inksters, Glasgow, Scotland will lead the discussions.