June 01, 2019

Subcommittee News

From the Cloud & Enterprise Technology Subcommittee
Candace Jones and Isvara Wilson

The Cloud & Enterprise Technology Subcommittee continues to work on its Directors’ Technology Handbook. The Directors’ Handbook will end with a handy (easy to find) reference list of tips for lawyers who find themselves engaging in conversations about technology.

We invite Committee members to consider your own experience and share a helpful insight in the form of a short tip. Please limit your tip to a single paragraph. Please click here to see an example and formatting guidelines.

Michael Fleming will act as curator and editor for the chapter. He will organize the material and may consolidate tips and edit for brevity and clarity. For this particular chapter, we plan to acknowledge contributors as a group rather than attributing specific tips to individual contributors.

Please send your contributions to Michael at mfleming@cray.com and copy Candace at candace.jones@ny.frb.org.

From the Consumer Privacy and Data Analytics Subcommittee
John Isaza and John Rothchild

The Consumer Privacy and Data Analytics Subcommittee is pleased to report that the ABA’s Editorial Board has approved the Global Privacy Checklist project. At this point, we are awaiting final word from the ABA on next steps, including the methodology that will be used to publish the Checklist. The ABA is targeting publication before the annual meeting in September. At the annual meeting, the Subcommittee will continue brainstorming on the next project and coordinate planned efforts for annual updates to the Checklist. In the interim, we are putting the finishing touches on a few state and country updates. Special thanks to all the following primary contributors for their tireless work, including Brent Martindale, Erin Illman, Meg Strickler, Tom Kierner, Peter McLaughlin, Chae Kim, Lisa Lifshitz, Myron Mallia-Dare, Della Hill, Valerie Surgenor, Rachel Gillan, and several country specific attorneys who will be credited accordingly in the final publication.

[Editor’s Note: Extra thanks to John Isaza and John Rothchild for overseeing this massive project!]