Cyberspace Law Committee Newsletter - June 2019


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Message from the Chair

With meteorological summer here, the pull to take some time to relax is a bit stronger, but opportunities to contribute to our profession keep arriving too. Here’s one excellent way to share your insights and expertise related to cyberspace. The American Law Institute and the Uniform Law Commission have formed a joint study committee to examine whether there is a need to amend the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) in light of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, distributed-ledger technology and virtual currency.

Business & Corporate

Subcommittee News

The Cloud & Enterprise Technology Subcommittee continues to work on its Directors’ Technology Handbook. The Directors’ Handbook will end with a handy (easy to find) reference list of tips for lawyers who find themselves engaging in conversations about technology. We invite Committee members to consider your own experience and share a helpful insight in the form of a short tip. Please limit your tip to a single paragraph. Please click here to see an example and formatting guidelines.