December 04, 2019

Leadership Message

Anna-Katrina Christakis

The CFSC is a professional association but we’re also a community. A place for learning, growing and collaborating. We develop programming, and write articles on emerging trends and changes in the law. We weigh in on public policy initiatives and teach financial literacy. We share job opportunities and career develop insights. We create connections and make friends.

We’re extremely fortunate to have an incredibly robust and longstanding, active membership. Many of you have been engaged with the committee for years—rolling on and off leadership positions—while some of you are just discovering the benefits of this vast network of consumer finance lawyers.

A portion of our leadership cycles out each year at the end of our annual meeting in the fall. After serving the committee for six years, 10 of our subcommittee chairs rolled off in September. We’d like to extend a very special thank-you to John Morton (Compliance Management), Alan Leeth (Debt Collection), David Beam (Deposit Products), Chris Acree (Housing Finance), John Redding (Personal Property), David Stein (Privacy), Sharmin Arefin (Diversity & Inclusion), Meg Milroy (In-House Counsel), Sabrina Neff (Newsletter), and Grace Powers (Membership). You’ve each had a tremendous impact on the committee.

At the same time, the Committee added 14 new vice-chairs. We’d like to welcome Aaron Kouhoupt (Compliance Management), Bradford Hardin (Debt Collection), Genessa Stout (Deposit Products), Carmen Thomas (Federal & State Trade Practices), Ben Spohn (Housing Finance), Jenny Lee (Personal Property), Naeha Prakash (Privacy), Carol Evans (Diversity & Inclusion), Joseph Schuster and Sumeet Chugani (In-House Counsel), Lucy Bartholomew (Newsletter), Zach Miller and Suhuyini Abudulai (Membership), and Tony Kaye (Webinars & Roundtables). We also had nine Young Lawyer Liaisons step down, and 12 Young Lawyer Liasons take their place.

Participation is essential for the growth of the committee. For the next year or so, we’d like to focus on enhancing and expanding the member experience with the committee. We’re counting on all of you to help spread the word about the excellence in learning, peer engagement, and professional advancement that comes from a relationship with the CFSC. Please bring your ideas (and your colleagues) to our upcoming standalone meeting in Tucson! And if you can’t attend, but have feedback, please email me directly.


Anna-Katrina Christakis

Pilgrim Christakis LLP