March 19, 2021

Update on Recent Developments Publication and Panel

Jessica Mendelson, Anne Steadman

Some exciting times and changes for Recent Developments!  We are nearing the finish line for publication of Recent Developments 2021.  This year, Recent Developments will, for the first time ever, be published in an easy-to-use electronic format.  All Business Law Section members will have free access to this incredible resource, which will be available on  Recent Developments 2021 is targeted to go live this spring. 

We are also excited to announce the Recent Developments 2021 panel, which will take place during the Business Law Section Virtual Spring Meeting.  The Recent Developments panel will be composed of two sessions, highlighting a total of six different practice areas:  Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Tribal Court Litigation, D&O Indemnification and Advancement Rights, Antitrust Litigation, and Trial Practice.  The panel will be a fast-paced conversational format.  The two sessions are scheduled for April 21 and April 22.  Please check the meeting schedule for up to date information.