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Physical Distancing in a New Light: The Interplay of Reclamation Rights, the 20-Day Goods Administrative Priority Claim, the Meaning of “Receipt of Goods” under the U.C.C., and Commercial Reality

The authors recently encountered a challenging situation on behalf of our client in seeking to establish a Bankruptcy Code section 503(b)(9) reclamation claim with respect to the client’s sale of goods in this instance commodity petrochemicals...

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The Business Lawyer Editorial Board invites Business Law Section committee, subcommittee, and task force submissions as well as topical, scholarly submissions, including case law analyses and commentary on developing trends, that may be of interest to business lawyers generally and other members of the Business Law Section. An editorial decision is made on lead articles typically within two to four weeks after submission, with detailed substantive editing thereafter. We are looking for interesting, well-researched submissions on areas of topical interest. Lead time with full peer review and professional staff editing is approximately four to six months.

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