July 20, 2017

BLS Members Receive Special Offer for The American Bankruptcy Law Journal

ABA Business Law Section members can now receive a special annual subscription price of $65 for The American Bankruptcy Law Journal, the nation’s premier bankruptcy law review. The American Bankruptcy Law Journal is a quarterly publication from the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges, and it is the most cited specialty law journal in the United States.

The American Bankruptcy Law Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes learned articles focusing on bankruptcy law and related subjects. It promotes the exchange of ideas about and deeper understanding of bankruptcy issues, particularly among its core audience that includes judges, bankruptcy professionals, academics, legislators and other policymakers.

Recent issues cover such topics as: The Evolution of Valuation in Bankruptcy, Rethinking Criminal Contempt in the Bankruptcy Courts, Presiding over Municipal Bankruptcies: Then, Now and Puerto Rico, and Bankruptcy Preferences: Recalcitrant Passengers Aboard the Flight from Creditor Equality.

To order your subscription, please print out, complete, and mail the order form below or use the link below.