May 18, 2017

Inside Business Law (May 2017)

This month’s “Inside Business Law” highlights recent and upcoming non-CLE webinars, with descriptions and links to each.

Recent Programs

“You Say Tomato and I Say Linguini: Understanding the Differences between Separately Managed Accounts and Funds of One”

Presented by Institutional Investors Committee

Fund managers are more willing these day to offer investment opportunities outside their commingled vehicles, and these alternative structures offer certain advantages to institutional investors. The two alternative structures, separately managed accounts (“SMA”) and single-member funds (a “Fund of One”), are not the same, and the structure the investor chooses can affect outcomes for both parties. The two speakers, Ed Klees and Mike Neus, have worked on these structures for many years: Ed, from the investor perspective; and Mike, from the fund manager point of view. Ed and Mike have had an ongoing and (usually) friendly dialogue on this topic. In this webinar they will share their knowledge and tips on how an investor should look at selecting either an SMA or a Fund of One for a specific manager and strategy.

Access program materials and video here. 

“Fraud Respecting the Debtor’s Financial Condition Under 11 U.S.C. Section 523(a)(2) Through Oral Statements” 

Presented by Consumer Bankruptcy Committee

A both lively and timely discussion of recent appellate decisions impacting 11 U.S.C. Section 523(a)(2). Panelists discuss the federal circuit split on whether a debt incurred based upon false oral representations respecting financial conditions is dischargeable.

Access program materials and video here. 

“When Cases Collide: When Closely Held Businesses and Individual Owners Both Seek Bankruptcy Protection” 

Presented by Business Bankruptcy

The financials of closely held businesses and their owners are often intertwined. The principals may be guarantors of the business debt. Or they may have lent funds to the business, causing their own personal financial dilemma. As a result, unfortunately, often both the business and their owner may be required to seek bankruptcy protection. The discussion focuses on some of the issues that may arise when the related bankruptcies intersect.

Access program materials and video here.

Upcoming Program

“Learn from the Experts! Evidence Tips for Federal Business and Bankruptcy Litigators - Get Your Evidence In and Use It Like a Pro”

Presented by Consumer Bankruptcy

This program is designed to give informative pointers for the use and admission of evidence in Federal Court pursuant to the Federal Rules of Evidence with a focus on business litigators and documentary evidence. The panel consists of Federal Judges and practitioners.

Program will be held on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. EST. Registration is not required—join on May 25 through the meeting link.