BLT: May 2017


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Business & Corporate

Leadership Competencies for Business Lawyers: Using a Framework that Links Strategy, Law, and Ethics

Harvard Business School’s required course on leadership includes a practical framework for decision making that is based on the intersection of economics, law, and ethics. Business lawyers can use this framework to show that, far more than a cost center, law is an important source of value creation. In so doing, they have an opportunity to play an important role in developing business strategies while performing their ethical leadership responsibilities.


Business & Corporate

KEEPING CURRENT: Colman v. Theranos, Inc.: Expanding the Reach of California Securities Law Claims to Indirect Purchasers in Private Companies

An April 2017 ruling from the Northern District of California gives standing to indirect purchasers—those who invest in a fund that in turn purchases securities from a company—to sue that company under the California securities laws. This article examines the ruling and the far-reaching implications it may pose for private companies and the funds that invest in them.

Business & Corporate

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: An Interview with Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson spent nearly 20 years in the banking and financial services industry, so when he went back to law school, he knew exactly what kind of law he wanted to practice and where he wanted to work. He’s now an attorney in the Administrative Law Division of the National Credit Union Administration, with a focus on privacy law. He’s been very involved with the ABA, serving as the National Chair of the ABA Law Student Division, for which he received the ABA Law Student Division Gold Key Award, in honor of his high degree of service, dedication and leadership.