March 23, 2017

Inside Business Law (March 2017)

This month’s “Inside Business Law” highlights several upcoming publications from the Business Law Section that will be released in April 2017.

Director’s Handbook: A Field Guide to 101 Situations Commonly Encountered in the Boardroom

edited by Frank M. Placenti

Director’s Handbook is for the individual director who seeks to improve his or her own effectiveness with an expansive set of 101 specific topics that boards may often face. Compiled by experts in the field, this treasure provides practical guidance for directors in preparing for meeting and participating in board decision making. Each of the concise 101 chapters includes a high-level overview of a topic and discusses a set of suggested questions directors can ask of themselves and management to provide a useful starting point for discussion.

Ten Things You Need to Know as In-House Counsel: Practical Advice and Successful Strategies

by Sterling L. Miller

Sterling Miller brings together many interesting and useful topics from his popular blog, Ten Things You need to Know as In-House Counsel, for easy reference in this new book. Practical pointers from “Becoming General Counsel” and “Help Your Clients Get Their Contract Through Legal” to “The Attorney-Client Privilege—What You Need to Know” to “A To-Do List for In-House Counsel” will help make you more successful in your practice and more valuable to your company.

Frequently Used Terms in Automobile Finance Transactions: The Jargon, Lingo, and Lore

by Consumer Financial Services Committee, edited by John L. Ropiequet and Dr. Kevin M. McDonald

From the Consumer Financial Services Committee comes a dictionary of key terms used in the automobile finance business, coupled with statutory or regulatory references where the reader can learn more about the terms. While not an exhaustive catalogue of terms, this slim volume is a companion in the Section’s Frequently Used Terms series and is the perfect resource for lawyers working with automobile finance transactions or those who may not have mastered the industry quite yet.

Recent Developments in Business and Corporate Litigation, 2017 Edition

by Business and Corporate Litigation Committee

Since 2001, the Business and Corporate Litigation Committee has published annually a comprehensive and authoritative compilation of recent developments in business and corporate litigation. The 2017 edition contains 19 chapters authored by nearly 200 committee members. Published as a single volume, this year’s edition is divided into five parts: 1) Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice, 2) Civil Business Claims, 3) Business Associations Law, 4) Employment & Labor Law, and 5) Finance & Securities Litigation & Arbitration.

Business Law: Just for Fun!

edited by Michael St. Patrick Baxter and Phillip Long

The second edition of this collection of cartoons drawn from Business Law Today curated by BLT editors Michael St. Patrick Baxter and Phillip Long. This handy, gift-sized book of comics is filled with laughs and furthers the Section’s tradition of trying not to take ourselves too seriously.

Find these new books and more at the Section Bookstore at the upcoming Spring Meeting in New Orleans April 6–8!


BLS Trivia Answer: As reported in the February 1992 Business Law article “The Limited Liability Company: A Study of the Emerging Entity” (47 Bus. Law. 375), prior to 1990, only Wyoming and Florida had enacted legislation allowing for the formation of limited liability companies.