September 20, 2016

Inside Business Law (September 2016)

This month’s “Inside Business Law” highlights the Seventh Annual National Institute on Consumer Financial Services Basics to be held on October 17–19 in Arlington, Virginia, and provides summaries of several recently published committee newsletters, with links to each.

National Institute on Consumer Financial Services Basics

The Seventh Annual National Institute on Consumer Financial Services Basics will be held October 17–19, at the Waterview Conference Center in Arlington, Virginia.

The evolution of consumer financial services (CFS) laws and regulations can leave even the experienced consumer finance lawyer feeling overwhelmed. This annual in-person educational institute is designed to expose practitioners to key areas of CFS law, whether you are new to the world of consumer finance or simply need a refresher.

Get back to basics with seasoned and expert presenters who have decades of practical experience in consumer finance. A classroom approach is used to review the history and background of CFS law, cover the fundamental laws that apply, and hear from regulators, consumer advocates, and industry representatives on the current state of affairs and what is on the horizon.

Key topics covered include:

  • History and development of federal and state consumer financial services law
  • Truth in lending and disclosure requirements
  • Fair lending
  • Financial privacy and credit reporting
  • Data security, fraud prevention, and identity theft protection
  • Consumer communication: FDCPA, TCPA, TSR, Can-Spam, and others
  • Asset account regulation
  • Mortgage origination and servicing
  • Litigation and enforcement actions 

Recent Committee Newsletters

The September 2016 issue of the Director and Officer Liability Committee Newsletter features two flash reports by Brett M. Amron and an annual review of cyber security and risk management by Frances Floriano Goins.

The Mergers and Acquisitions Committee’s fall 2016 Deal Points newsletter features the following articles, in addition to several task force reports and subcommittee reports.

  • “What to Make of the Great Hill Case–The M&A Bar is Not Yet in Agreement on How Best to Address M&A Privilege Issues” by Paul Koenig
  • “DFC Global and Appraisal of a Fully-Shopped Company Above the Merger Price: The Evolving Framework for Assessing Merger Price in the Search for Fair Value” by John K. Hughes

The Cyberspace Law Committee Newsletter, published September 2016, features an update from the committee’s new Current Law Task Force as well as other committee doings from the Internet Governance Task Force, Current Law Task Force, and Enterprise Technology Subcommittee.